Scroll of Walking Through Los Angeles Street (洛城路行卷)

Yujian Cui

School of Art – BFA3 – Photography

This work combines eastern and western art forms together, using photography as a medium, showing the concept of Chinese painting. Making the same person appear in different places in the same photo by using panoramic shots – shooting different parts of the place and putting them together. This concept was widely used in traditional Chinese Shan-Shui paintings. From left to right, a vivid story appears in the audience’s mind. It’s such a long and huge print that made many audiences step closer and try to see the details of this print, from left to right, normally. After that, the audience may be curious about the full frame of the print, then they have to step back, and repeat the above process. During this process, the audience continuously changes their angle to see the same photograph. That is the same way to watch traditional Chinese scroll paintings (but normally seen from right to left).


  • Date : May 4, 2023
  • Venue : Main Gallery
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