The Island

Eugenia Moreeva

School of Art – BFA1 – Art

this is a triptych depicting The Island. real moss and real isolation, just one house surrounded by water.

look at the piece attentively and think which artwork of the triptych resonates with you more? i consider it to be a kind of a psychological test.

— number 1 is a stream, you’ve might like it because you seem to know exactly what you want and go for it using a chosen and well-defined direction. the stream of your life is targeted, you are focused, you go fast towards your goals.

— number 2 is a safe space and that might be what you are striving for. cosy home with a lot of details, little things in it. no stress, almost no flow but the flow is not a goal for you. the goal is to get rid of the fuss and meet your calmness, your serenity.

— number 3 is a wandering piece. it is neither found nor lost, maybe just a little bit lost but mostly exploring the space, tasting it, trying to understand where to move and what to do.


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