Who are you?

Adzua Amoa

School of Theater – Alumni – Acting

Who are you?
Who am I because of you?
Who am I?
Who are we?

I am you and you are me.
Through your eyes. Through the time it takes to imagine what is on your mind?
I look at your eyes in wonder of how fast or slow your heart beats. What stories have you told? What secrets do you keep?
Who are you? Who did you become?

The same as me but from a different time? Or different than me and from the same time?

Do I know you?
What is your name?
Is your name who are you ?
Is the way you position your body and gaze into this lens your……?
What is it?

This is my attempt at imagining who you are?
How your heart beats.
How your mind pushes and pulls your thoughts.
Or are your thoughts still.
How do you think?
What do you see?
Who are you, through me?

Let’s find out and see….

  • Date : May 4, 2023
  • Venue : Walt Disney Modular Theater Lobby
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